By Justin

Small batch ceramics all made in Chicago.


All About Keramika

Keramika By Justin is a Chicago-based business founded by Justin Lerias. While working as a pastry cook at a local bakery when he felt that he needed to expand on his creative ventures. Having been interested in pottery for years, he decided to further pursue this and buy a wheel. Justin had discovered that a lot of the skills he learned as a pastry cook translated well into pottery, the artist knew that he should pursue this to a higher degree. Justin joined Lincoln Square Pottery Studio and honed his skills until he felt comfortable to sell his ceramics. The artist since then has sold dozens of pieces, from sculptural to functional. The artist credits his background working as a pastry chef as a big source of inspiration for his work. The artist is now a student at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago.



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Photos by Ozzie Sadler